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Movies, capitalism and high-art

June 12, 2006

I just got back from another grueling night at the movies — The Break Up and United 93. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t all that good either.

Mediocrity, bah!

Is it conceivable that a person could think watching movies and then eschewing an opinion on the topic would be the perfect job? Well, honestly I though so once upon a time, back in the land of naiveté and stupid-believe.

Back then, it seems, I managed to watch mostly good movies. Thus I was excited about film and I wanted to share this excitement with the world. Oh, and bash actresses that I thought sucked. I had no idea that many of movies made are mediocre (at best) and even more are truly rotty.

(Sidenote: I can usually tell by the premise whether the flick will suck or not — Maybe my true dream job would be as a producer. Yeah, I could produce and I could save the world from the nasty flicks one script at a time by saying, “NO! I refuse to produce this rancid garbage!” On the other hand, I suppose they’d just take the script to the morons who produced Date Movie and the world would be spared nothing. Oh well, I’ll think of something eventually. Back to my horror…)

Lately there have been a lot of okay movies that could have been really good or even fantastic. Sadly, these films missed the mark.

On top of that, I must have gotten dumber whilst training to feed information to the masses (becoming a journalist), because I don’t really like or even understand a lot of the art-house fare anymore.

For example: I think Lost in Translation sucked! I know, “how blasphemous!” I must be stupid, because aside from Bill Murray’s brilliance I didn’t see what was good about the movie. I barely made it through the flick conscious. Oh, and Shop-girl…let me just tell you, I would have called the book a masterpiece if pressed, but the movie was seriously lacking in heart. And it could have been so great! But no, Steve Martin (who, by the way, is a genius) went for artsy and that meant: DULL!

I still believe in high art that can be digested by the masses, but I don’t have a lot of belief in the artists of today. I suppose I blame capitalism. No, no… not just capitalism, because capitalism works if there are good salesmen.

That’s the problem no salesmen.

Those great liasons between the product-developers and the consumer. Great salesmen know what people want and they find a way to meet that need — or they find a way to convince the consumer that they’ve met that need, but I digress. The thing is, if no one knows what the people want no one can produce it.

So no one knows what the people really want and in an absence of someone who can really meet a need the movie-men are using tired formulas and altering timeless formulas. In effect, producing crap.

I wouldn’t even care, but I’m forced to watch this crap. Even worse, I’m forced to be a proponent for the crap because my newspaper is really an advertisement for the Air Force most of the time, and it wants to get people to go to the base theater.

Wow…I just realized that, although I could say more, that was quite enough ranting for one e-mail. Plus, I’m really not this angry girl. I’m just stuck between a job and a crap-movie. Oh, uh actually…many crap movies.

Please have sympathy for me.

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