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Bartlesville Babies (part 2)

September 24, 2006

As you know, in my last blog I was sort of complaining about my Bartlesville friends who had babies without telling me. It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t have known what to do if they had told me.

Allow me to explain:

I just found out that one of my great friends from college in B-town is expecting, and I have no idea what kind of response is appropriate. My initial emotional response is excitement, because I know she must be ecstatic. Then, being the hyper-sensitive freak I am, I went through and entire range of emotions, including frustration, fear, confusion and finally ending with awe.

I am actually freaking out. Seriously, I found out she was preggers not two minutes ago and I’m already anxious and wondering what to say when I see the baby. Will she make me hold it? Will I want to hold it? Will I be the first person to drop the poor kid on it’s knoggin?

It all proves to me what I have expected all along: I am not emotionally stable enough to have a baby or be a mamma — unless you mean hot mamma. I mean I can’t even deal with the idea that a child grows inside it’s mother for nine months before it is born, and I’ve known that particular fact of life since I was five.

It blows my mind to even consider that one person would be inside another person. It’s so amazing and unbelievable — the physics of it all. I mean it is real special and unusual.

But wait. It’s not unusual. When I think about babies and pregnancy for very long I come to the realization that as amazing as it is, it is also incredibly and frighteningly normal. It happens to everybody.

It’s so normal in fact that even I have already been a part of the process — cause that’s how I got here. That’s how you got here too!

Is this really as freaky as I think, or am I overreacting?

I’m overreacting, aren’t I?

Oftentimes, when I overreact I wax intellectual and start thinking metaphysically. This pregnancy thing just makes me think about all of the other things that we accept as fact on a regular basis that are incredible and reasonably unbelieveable.

Then there’s the other side of that coin — the things that are completely true that we chose not to allow ourselves to accept because they seem so bizzare and unbelieveable.

Maybe an example will help. But this Blog is already too long. I’ll have to clue you in on my examples in a later Blog.

However, I dare you think of some examples for me. No, wait, I double-dog dare you.

Oh, and of course congrats on getting knocked-up, Mel

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