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My Sexercise

October 2, 2006

So you know how sometimes you go to a restaurant even though you aren’t hungry and on the way there you think, “I just won’t eat much. I can have a light meal and this way my jeans will fit better tomorrow.” Or something like that.

And then you walk into the restaurant, smell all of the different foods, imagine their flavors and suddenly you could eat anything that was put in front of you. Even if you aren’t hungry you want to eat, eat now and eat as much as you can fit into your body.

I have decided that this is yet another way that food is like sex.

When you let your self smell what’s cooking you are gonna wanna eat. That’s why I have decided to return to my no kissing policy. If I’m not ready for the main dish I shouldn’t be eating the appetizer.

So what? You may wonder. Well, I’ve decided that someone besides me has to know about this policy so that I’m that much more inclined to stick to it.

Many of you from B’ville may remember that the no kissing policy worked pretty good for quite some time. Sadly, I decided this policy wasn’t so important once I got to SDSU and met a bunch of fellas who wanted to kiss me. So, this time I decided to decide before there were any guys around who wanted to kiss me.

That’s right, no one wants to kiss me. In fact, even the guys who have been around in the past few years that wanted to have sex didn’t want to kiss me. Poor Crystal of no kisses.

So that’s the deal. I’m not down with the unmarried sex, and I’m not married, so I can’t do the kissing or I think I’ll end up liking the food and wanting the main course.

This should be really easy for a while since, as I said, no one wants to be kissin’ on me. But if, in a few months you see me making out with a stranger, you’d better stop me and at least get an explanation. I bet the story will be a good one!

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