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Ah…the nostalgia

October 5, 2006

This isn’t one of my deeply philosophical — or deeply silly — blogs. I was just feeling nostalgic today so I thought I’d put people from high school in my top friends list (on MySpace — that’s where this blog lived for the first 3.5 years of it’s life).

I’ve been hanging out with some high-schoolers lately and I miss the way kids used to be back when we were kids.

I miss how being a little bit punk was cool, but only if your clothes were really old, not that faux-vintage stuff they have now. I miss hangin’ in the music hall and making out in the practice rooms –not that I ever made out in the practice rooms, but I heard about it a lot.

I remember how my dreams seemed so much more possible back then because I didn’t know as much about the world’s limitations — or my own.

I miss the rush of anticipation I would get when the boy I had a crush on — usually Sky Seals — was standing near me, or sitting in front of me during math class.

I remember learning so many things about myself from watching my friends as they struggled through the little problems and major drama that the teen years threw at us.

I miss the competition, the creation and the completion of it all. And most of all I remember all of you!

Oh, the rumors, intrigue and possibilities of those high school days. What do you miss most of all?

I miss you most of all! — Oh, and kissing Sky Seals in the practice rooms.

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