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Something Inspired, Something True

November 19, 2006

I haven’t written a blog in a while. Honestly, it’s because I have performance anxiety. Every time I set out to write something I want it to be something inspiring that will really get to the people who read it. Or something true that makes people think, “she’s so right,” when they read it.

Lately, I think that my day-to-day life has sucked a lot of the inspiration and truth out of me. Just going to bed and getting up at the same time every day has really taken a lot of the wonder out of my life.

Heck, showering each morning can be an exhausting operation — I mean it takes a lot of energy to get this much hair washed and dry.

It makes me realize that I never really put much thought into what it would be like to be a grown-up — back when I was a youngin’.

Have to shower. Have to blow-dry hair. Have to pay the rent. Have to do the laundry. Have to vacuum the living room. Have to go to work. Have to pack lunches. Have to buy groceries.

That’s a lot of “have to’s” to deal with. I guess that’s why I’ve been putting off everything that isn’t a “have to.” Unfortunately, that means that I’m not doing a lot of my “get to’s.”

Like: I get to e-mail my friends. I get to hang out with people. I get to work on my play. I get to listen to music. I get to Blog. I get to daydream. I get to plan my life. I get to…

The list goes on. The biggest problem with putting off all of those “get to’s” is that I seem to put them off indefinitely. That means that if I don’t get on it I’m never going to apply for grad school like I want to. I’m never going to finish my play like I want to. I’m never going to read that book I just bought — and I think it is really going to be a good book.

Exhausting ain’t it?

Well, here’s the good news. Because of Thanksgiving some of my “get to’s” are going to happen without my having planned them. I get to see my sister next week. I get to take Friday off. I get to see Sarah when she comes to town and I’m going to get to hang out with a bunch of people I don’t normally get to see. People I don’t “have to” see.

I also got to have a great Bible study tonight. Thanks for listening to me ramble about my passions and romance and all that girls!

So, this Blog may not have been inspired, but it was something true…drop me a line and let me know something true about what’s been happening to you. And remember, you don’t have to — you get to!

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  1. Adrian D. Cameron permalink
    August 27, 2010 12:47 pm

    i don’t have to be an alcoholic.. i get to be an alcoholic. much like victor frankl saw in his auschwitz confinement an opportunity for the highest spiritual growth. this is something true that is happening to me. many of our ‘have-to’s are misunderstod ‘get-to’s when examined with the proper eye.


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