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Crystal’s crazy neighbor

January 3, 2007

As many of my dear friends who live in Rapid City know I do not have phone. Sadly, I do not have a door bell either. This makes it pretty hard for people to get to me sometimes. In fact it is the reason that I gave my good friends Dee and juile keys as soon as I moved in.

Well, I want people to be able to get to me. So, lately, I have just been unlocking the entryway door when I am expecting someone. I didn’t think this was a big deal because I’m always home when I do this. Well, turns out, it is a big deal because my neighbor, Robin, is a crazy lady.

Several times I have gone down to unlock the door for a friend I’m expecting and the insane b!$@& will go downstairs and lock the door the second I get into my apartment.

In fact, on New Year’s Eve, after my darling Alexa came by the crazy lady locked the door behind her. This would have been fine, but Kim was coming over too and the poor doll ended up shouting up at my bathroom window so that she could get in. Not cool.

My neighbor has never said anything to me about this except for once when I moved in. She said that at night we need to keep it locked, especially when it’s cold, so that “drunken bum’s off the street don’t sleep in the entryway.” Yeah, I should have known then that she wasn’t all right in the head.

Yesterday, I did purposely leave the front entryway door unlocked for a few hours because I thought Kim might be coming to town and she has some of my things. I was just going to instruct her to leave the things inside the door.

Well that was apparantly the last straw for my crazy neighbor lady. She freaked out, told my landlord that some of her items had been stolen and, suspiciously, when I returned home around 7 p.m. I could not get into my apartment.

My key, didn’t work. In fact, no keys worked. I tried WD-40 and a few other things, but I was stuck in the hall for hours. By 9:30, when the locksmith got there he couldn’t even pick the lock and he said it looked like someone had sprayed glue of some sort into the lock.

So we got to drill out the lock and replace it. Even after the Locksmith drilled through the pins he had a hard time getting in. He said, “This has to be glue.”

“Oh, it’s glue, I thought. “Robin’s glue.”

I know she did it. And I don’t think any of her things were stolen. Oh, and if they were — good! She should keep her crap in her apartment, not the hallway.

Yeah, so I’m mad. I’m even more angry because everyone keeps acting like I was asking for it by leaving the front door unlocked. No one has mentioned that they found it suspicious that the one day I left the door open while I was gone my apartment was tampered with.

Furthermore, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never lived in an apartment that kept the entryway door locked. People have always been able to walk in and get to my door to knock for me.

I know apartments with the front door exist, I used to deliver pizza for goodness sake. So, I’ve been to a few, but they all have call buttons so that people can be buzzed in. If my neiborhood is so dangerous that the front door has to be locked at all times a security something should be installed!

Wow, Crystal is really mad…

So, for those of you who visit, please lock the door behind you if it is unlocked when you come over. I’m trying to get a doorbell that works or some facsimile thereof. Oh, yeah, and I’m sorry I have a crazy lady living across the hall. It’s inconvinient for all of us.

P.S. Feel free to comment on this as always. But I’m still too upset to deal with people telling me I screwed up in some way. Like the whole purse thing — it’s not my fault someone stole it. Okay maybe I did something slightly ill-advised by leaving the door unlocked, but please do not tell me what I did wrong. I don’t want to hear it. We can discuss it when I calm down.

P.S.S. If anyone knows any way that I can get back at my neighbor, not get caught and not have a guilty conscience I’d love to hear it. As it is I’m going to politely give my landlord an earfull later today.

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