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Saturday: Satin Panties Night

March 5, 2007

After being sick for the last week or so I felt gross. I didn’t have any clean laundry and my apartment was a horrible mess. Plus, I was all out of clean silverware, because I had been too sick to wash dishes.

Don’t give me that look. Really I was too sick.

Okay, it was part sickness and part laziness.

But my basic point is I felt gross. I looked gross. My house was gross. I had been spending all my time in my pajamas and in bed and well…I was just gross.

After a few days I recovered enough to do some of my laundry — good thing because I kind of need to wear clean jeans to work. I also cleaned my apartment and…well I still haven’t done the dishes. But I’m not completely recovered from my illness. I’m still sick. Really, I have a cough.

Okay, I hate dishes!

So, things were kind of back to normal, but I still felt gross. It was time to take drastic action. No, I didn’t do the dishes — I shaved my legs! I ritualistically removed all the hair from my body and I am now bare-skinned beauty from hip to toe.

But that’s not all…

After last week’s day-after-Thanksgiving* shopping trip with Tonya — that’s my sister for anyone who doesn’t know her name — I had some nice new smelly stuff from Bath and Body as well as a brand new pair of satin panties that match my new favorite bra.

So, I lubed up my newly-hairless skin with the sweet smelliness of Bath and Body and slipped on my new satin set.

Then I decided my underwear was so sassy that it had to be a high heels night. However, I couldn’t decide what to wear. Honestly, I had nowhere to go, so I really had no reason to get dressed.

So I didn’t. I just put on my prettiest nightie, slipped on my new hooker heels and hung out in my lingerie feelin’ like a hottie. I had a lovely in-house Satin Panties Night.

I got all pretty — hair, make-up and everything — then I got down a pretty glass, filled it with a pretty drink and relaxed. Just me, my satin unders, hooker heels, lots of lip gloss and a good chick flick.

I’m sure I’ll eventually get dressed and do the dishes. But tonight I was too busy being a babe!

(*Obviously I wrote this one a few months ago, but I just found it Saturday night, when, oddly enough, I was in the middle of another Satin Panties Night. I spent a nice evening with the beautiful Keanu and a frozen pizza — and, of course, my satin panties.)

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  1. mr.satin permalink
    October 6, 2012 1:14 pm

    I too enjoy a night at home in my satin panties and satin sheets. You go girl!


  2. crsa permalink
    July 18, 2016 1:39 pm

    Where can I buy those satin panties pictured above and more like them ?


    • July 18, 2016 3:42 pm

      Honestly, I have no clue. I bet if you Google “buy classic satin panties” or some variation of that, you’ll get a lot of great options!


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