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Automatic for the People

May 25, 2007

Hey all, feel like waxing itellectual for a few minutes? If so, jump into this Blog. It is the result of an e-mail from a friend. But hey whatever makes you think, right? Just a few thoughts. I’d love to know what you all think about them.

I don’t know how I feel about calling God the Universe, even though I get your point about His ever-present infinite nature. Calling Him the Universe almost implies that He is those things instead of implying that He is in control of everything. But that argument just leads into pseudo-gnosticism. And you know what Ferris Beuller says, “A man shouldn’t believe in an -ism. He should believe in himself.” — or did he say that John Lennon said that? Anyway…

As far as the God of the Bible being created in man’s image rather than the other way around — I don’t know if I would say that I think the Bible depicts God in man’s image, but I do think that many people’s working religious models don’t take into account that God is as infinite and powerful as He is. I don’t think it’s done maliciously or even purposely though.

It might be the hardest thing in life to understand something like infinity, or eternity or ultimate truth. Because we are finite we have to learn about and deal with God in finite ways. But he’s infinite. That means we can only come to a certain level of understanding about it all. And let’s face it, some people are pretty dumb, so they can’t attain a very high level of understanding about God. So, in some people’s understanding of God, He seems a lot more like a man than a God, because that’s all the further they can reach.

That’s what religious leaders are good for. Dumbing it down for the masses. That probably pisses you off. But even stupid people deserve access to the divine, and for them to gain such access someone has to break this sacred stuff down into little bite-size, easily-digestible pieces. Martin Luther was really good at it.

Man it feels so good to talk about this stuff! It makes me miss my little Christian college. Even though it was half-full — or 25% full — of those brainwashed and stupid people who are so dangerous to religion. But I miss my old roommate, Stephanie. And I miss Aaron. And I miss Melissa — even though I felt like she was going to get us into trouble all the time. Heck I miss them all. I miss my Christian friends from Brookings too — even Chris. Because we could just talk about all of our theories about theology whenever we wanted and we all had enough knowledge about the subject to have a good working context for the discussion.

Which, by the way, is part of what I think organized religion is good for. It provides definitions and context for all of these confusing issues. A working model so to speak — however flawed it may be. But if you’re gonna work on something, even a flawed working model does it’s job — it helps you do the work.

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