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Parking Brakes, Bah!: Crystal Has Bad Car Luck

May 29, 2007

Okay, my car actually got the BACK bumper all screwed up -- but you get the idea.

How do you know if your parking brake works? I suppose you know that it works because when you park on a hill it doesn’t roll down the hill into a fence.

Unfortunately, I found out this Sunday morning that my parking brake doesn’t work.

How did I find that out, you may be wondering.

Well, some of you already know and the rest of you probably guessed it — I found out my parking brake didn’t work when I realized my car was rolling down the rather steep hill by my house.

As the car started rolling, I started running.

Unfortunately, I can’t run very fast when I have my Birkenstock sandals on. (It’s like having rubber bricks strapped to your feet.) And, while the car was picking up speed as it headed down the hill, I was running full speed from the start. As it turns out my full-speed wasn’t fast enough. (Must be time to hit the treadmill.)

So my car is rolling down the hill toward Dakota Middle School and I’m running toward my car and well, thank God for curbs…and sidewalks…and fences…and everything else my car hit that slowed it down. Most notably, the 20-foot tall, chain-link fence that stopped it (which I will probably end up paying for).

If it hadn’t hit that fence my car may have rolled until it hit something bigger — like the Rapid City Public Library. And, subsequently, my car would not still be in operating condition. Plus I’d probably have to pay for a hole in the side of the library.

So yeah, I had a less-than-good Memorial Day weekend — and I missed church on Sunday because I was talking to Officer Rose of the Rapid City Police Department (who was very nice by the way). I also cried really hard all day and then felt the urge to eat gallons of ice-cream — which I’m allergic too — and about a thousand pounds of pickles.

Basically I’m telling you guys this via Blog in hopes that when you see me you won’t ask how my weekend was, or when you see my car you won’t ask what happened.

Because, while I know that the idea of me chasing my car down a hill is kind of funny, I’m not really at the, “Let’s all laugh at my Three Stooges moment” stage yet. You can laugh, but don’t do it around me — yet. I’m still mourning the death of my car’s beauty. My first pretty car only lasted a year and a half — so sad.

Oh, and if you don’t know that your parking brake works you’d better get it checked, because you don’t want to find out that it’s a goner in the same way I did.

P.S. I don’t really believe in bad luck, but I don’t know what else to call the circumstances surrounding me and vehicles since Dec 2005.

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