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Grey Day Hooray!

September 6, 2007

The sky is grey and the air is cool. I woke up late and my hair is still wet from the shower I took at 7 a.m. because I didn’t have time to dry it before I left the house. Plus it is freezing in my office here at work.

But you know what? I feel great. Normally all of these things would contribute to my feeling a bit cranky or stressed or just generally down.

But today in am in a fantastic mood. And I’m not quite sure why.

I do like the weather when it’s cooler. So maybe that’s it. Heck maybe I’m just hormonal — but it a good way. I suppose that’s possible. I am a girl after all.

I’ve been incredibly stressed — especially about work — lately and today I have a little relief. But nothing significant about my work situation has changed.

So it must be me.

Normally, I have to force myself to have this kind of good attitude. You know I have conversations in my head abotu calming down and I tell myself that in the grand scheme of things the little stuff that annoys me doesn’t really matter. But today I haven’t had to talk myself down from a single emotional ledge.

I’m just in a good mood for no reason. It just happened all by itself. Just like the weather changed overnight last night.

So hooray for this grey day and all the changes of the weather!

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