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Five minutes of Crystal

October 8, 2007

Two weeks ago I had a great five minutes at work, and I thought I share.

It was late in the afternoon and time for me to move my car — for the third time that day.

As I came in I marveled aloud about the fact that it was already after 3 p.m. — meaning we would all be able to go home for the weekend soon.

Gil asked calmly, “What did you say?”

“It’s already 3 o’clock,” I said. “Isn’t that great? Weekend here we come!”

“Oh crap!” Gil screamed as he shot up and ran out the door.

I was confused for a second, until Jason said something about Gil’s kids and I realized that he had run off to go pick them up from school.

Then everyone in our department laughed because it was the second or third time this week that he’s forgotten them.

Jason then made a sign that said World’s Greatest Dad to put on Gil’s computer.
Everyone laughed. We chatted about it.

Just as the laughter was dying down I got up to get an ad off the printer and as I sat down my chair broke.

It made an incredibly loud snapping sound, I squealed. and slid off the chair onto the floor.

Everyone laughed and at just that moment Julie and Corey came through our department. They started ribbing me about breaking the chair.

“My jeans have been feeling a little bit tighter lately.” I said to Julie as I swapped my broken chair for a different one.

As I pushed the new chair back to my desk I asked Corey if my but looked big.
Everyone looked, everyone laughed. Good times.

It was one of those days that makes me think that God made me accident prone and klutsy so that He could keep me surrounded with laughter — you know, because all you people are always laughing at me as I lie on the ground because I tripped over the sexy four-inch heels I insit on wearing on Fridays.

Yeah, you know who you are (Dee). And, while you should feel bad about not helping me up, please keep on laughing. Unless I’m bleeding. If I’m bleeding we have to deal with that and laugh later.

I bet that’s why God made Gil forgetful too; just to keep us laughing. Oh yeah, his wife picks up the kids now. She didn’t seem to think it was too funny that he forgot them several times each week.

Well, whatever the reason for my klutsiness or Gil’s forgetful nature, that was a great five minutes at work!

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