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The Friend Zone

October 15, 2007

“You gotta make your move man, if you wait too long you’ll end up in the friend zone.” I don’t know where I heard this recently, but it has been the subject of many films, TV shows and friendly debates. So I thought I’d throw in my own personal theory about friend zones.

First of all, like many things the sexes do, men and women handle the friend zone differently. It is my theory that if a man lands in a woman’s friend zone he is not stuck there indefinitely as many men fear. If she is a good girl, that doesn’t sadistically use people for attention, a man in the friend zone has a better chance of dating the girl than a fella on the outskirts of her life.

In fact, my friend zone is very much a precursor to the boyfriend zone because I want the guy I end up dating to be my best friend.

The mistake guys make in the friend zone is that they perceive that they are trapped within and that the woman holds the keys to potentially set him free.

Not so fellas. You can get yourself out of the friend zone and it is your job to do so. Most ladies won’t just invite you into the boyfriend zone. You get out of the friend zone the same way you get into the End Zone — get the ball and make a move.

How about you guys? When a lady is in your friend zone is she trapped there indefinitely or is the male friend zone also a potential gateway to girlfriend zone.

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