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Being Polite Sucks!

December 11, 2007

It just cost me $5 to be polite!

I was at the library attempting to check out a book. I was in a hurry so I didn’t put any money in the meter. Because I was only going to be in there for five minutes and there wasn’t a meter hootch…er, maid…in sight.

But then I had to renew my card, which wouldn’t have been a problem, but the librarian felt that she had to explain to me all of the interworkings of the library before she would give me my card and check out my book!

I was trying to be nice, but the whole time she was lecturing me about the library I was thinking, “Yeah, I get it. I practically lived here in high school when I was in debate. I know how it works. I’m in a hurry give me my card and shut up!”

But, I didn’t say that. I listened as nicely as a could. I think I even smiled and nodded. But I have no poker face so I may be wrong about that one.

Then when I got back to my car, what should I see but a bright yellow annoying ticket. Man those things just make me want to punch someone! Plus it cost $2 to renew my card!

So, for the price of the card and the FREAKING parking ticket I could have bought the book I checked out.

Parking tickets suck.

The library sucks.

Being polite REALLY sucks! and I’m not going to do it anymore.

I always end up regretting it. Things just go better when you tell people the brutal honest truth, don’t they? Well maybe not for the person you tell, but it’s better for you isn’t it?

Wow, I really thought ranting about this would make me feel better, but I feel worse. I want my seven dollars and the twenty minutes of my life it took for the librarian to explain everything to me back. I want it back!

I suppose I should just get back to work.

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