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Communist Lynn

January 8, 2008

Okay, I’m pissed an there’s no one to tell because I’m mad at the lady who sits next to me here at work so I can’t discuss it with my mom over the phone or with the other ladies I work with. So, I’m forced to blog about it…

Here’s the deal, the state is considering doing away with vanity plates. Which is kind of too bad, but — in my opinion — understandable. It complicates things and sometimes causes trouble.

I just read the article and some of the responses to the article on the Journal’s website and some guy called SD “a terrorist state” and said we were “eroding the constitution” — just because we’re POSSIBLY getting rid of vanity plates. (And by the way I think that crazy should just leave the state.)

Well I mentioned his comment in the office here and alluded to the fact that I thought he was overreacting…

That’s when it happened. The lady across from me (I’ll call her Communist Lynn for the purposes of this Blog) said, “Geeze, Crystal, You work in the wrong business if you don’t believe in freedom of speech.”

And I wish I had responded, “Well, you’re a nasty bitch.” Because I think that’s just as offensive as what she said to me.

But, of course, I didn’t.

She accused me of not believing in the first amendment how horrifying and evil of her especially since it’s because I don’t think the state should have to let you put what you want on your license plates.

And I’m livid.

I think I could seriously spit fire or acid right now if I tried…but only if I were spitting at her!

It’s not like they’re outlawing bumber stickers! And doesn’t the license they issue you belong to them for the purpose of tracking your vehicle? In which case they should be able to track your vehicle however they want. Which means they don’t have to put a word you like on the back of you damn car.

I’m pissed! Why do I have to be surrounded by morons who don’t use their brains! I got an A+ Mass Media Law and Ethics. I understand the freaking constitution! Especially the first amendment! That’s what most of the class was about!

I’m probably mad because I’m so insulted. Oy! Communist Lynn can just suck my big toe! I will probably be steaming about this until I leave the office at 4 p.m. today.


(By now I no longer hold any ill-will toward the woman I referred to in this blog. Just in case you were wondering.)

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