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What Has Hardened Your Heart?

January 27, 2008

Every Sunday at this time I consider posting a blog about some aspect of my church service. Honestly, for the most part church leaves me quite dissatisfied. But there is always something that gets my blood up during service — whether it’s the annoying kids, the smelly women, the way the music is played or something the pastor says.

Usually the pastor is much too existential for me. Honestly he’s so different from me that I can’t relate so I don’t care much about his personal observations on life. For the most part they are far too specific to his place in this world.

Although this week was much the same, he did ask one great question — and as soon as he said it tears welled up and flowed over my cheeks.

“What has hardened your heart?” he asked. “What has built up the callous on your heart that is keeping you separated from God?”

I could suddenly think of a million things building up thick skin between me and the life God wants me to live. So, lets continue with this metaphor…

As I thought of all the things that have rubbed my heart so frequently, so vigorously and for so many years that my heart has blistered, festered and ultimately hardened, I realized how important this question is for anyone’s spiritual health.

“What has hardened your heart?”

As with other forms of sickness you have to know what’s ailing you before you can effectively and permanently solve the problem. Even if you have moments that soften you back up from time to time, you have to know what caused the callous or it will grow back.

So in the interest of your spiritual health. Do a bit of inventory. Think about your life…figure out what hardened your heart, and do what God needs you to do to soften it back up.

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