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So stupid.

July 12, 2008

Hi, have we met? I’m dumb.

You knew that about me, right?

Not like irretrievably stupid. I just do things I shouldn’t. And I do them all the time. It wouldn’t be so bad — except that I know better.

I constantly find myself at a mental cross roads and I think, “I shouldn’t do that, but I want to. But there could be consequences.”

And then I do it anyway — like I did last night.

Of course these kinds of stupid choices come more easily if I don’t know what the consequences are. But I think there will be consequences this time.

So now I get to be in the super-fun “wait and see what horrible thing will happen as a result of my choice” period. (Note the sarcasm.)

And the thing is, I totally knew better. Crap!

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