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Reunion: ten years older and deeper in debt

July 16, 2008

So my ten-year high school class reunion is this weekend and I thought it would be appropriate to do a little bit of self-reflection on account.

I remember that my freshman year of college everyone was constantly telling us that the friends we made there would be our friends for life – unlike our friends from high school. But at this point in my life I am better friends with several of my high school friends than I have been able to be with any of the friends I met while at either of my colleges.

Maybe that’s because I had to transfer half-way through college. Maybe it’s because I moved back to my hometown after college. Maybe it’s because of the special circumstances my high school friends and I had to face together.

I didn’t lose my virginity in college – I lost it in high school.
I didn’t fall in love for the first time in college – I met him in high school.
I didn’t have my heart broken for the first time in college – that happened in high school.

I buried my deepest secrets in high school.
I buried my first dreams in high school.
I buried my first friends in high school.

Maybe those things are all supposed to happen in college and we all just got to it early. I guess we were early bloomers. But the people who were around me during those formative events – and others – are the people I currently hold dear. Dee Davis, Julie Schaller, Sky Seals…and more.

I was talking to a co-worker about the reunion last night and he said he didn’t go to his reunion because he didn’t really like anyone from high school. High school was really four great years of my life, despite the hardships.

When I was in the shower this morning I remember thinking, “What did I think I would have accomplished in ten years?”

I knew I would go to college and I never really questioned that I would finish. I imagined that I would have a good job – but I didn’t have a specific job in mind. I guess I never really thought I would be married until I was at least 30, but I guess I thought I would probably have a boyfriend or serious relationship by now. I always dreamed I would lose a bunch of weight and be a svelte, buxom babe.

Well I did finish college – finally. I do have a pretty good job. I’m not married but I also don’t have a boyfriend. And, I have gained at least 35 pounds since senior years.

So that’s 3 out of four. Not too bad. Although as far as grades go I think that’s like a 75 percent – so it’s at least a C. But a C is supposed to be average. I always thought of myself as above-average in high school. Isn’t that stuck up? Well, I am learning more and more about how average I am. Maybe that’s the most important thing these ten years have yielded – a more realistic perspective of myself and the world.

So I guess I’m doing pretty good.

Well, I’m looking forward to seeing, meeting and reminiscing with my classmates. I guess I’ll see you guys Friday night!

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