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So, what makes someone a stalker?

August 1, 2008

Okay kids, I got a scary letter in the mail today. Someone here on MySpace figured out who I am and found my address and sent me a letter. I’m a little freaked out about it. In fact, I haven’t actually read the letter because when I realized who it was from I was too creeped out to finish it.

So, I am now deleting some of the stuff on my profile and I am going to block this guy from my page. I hate to lie and obscure things about myself, but I don’t want any more creepy letters in the mail.

The other thing is, I’m wondering if there’s something I need to do about all of this. I tried to send this guy and e-mail and let him know I was blocking him and why, but he can’t receive e-mails from people who aren’t his friends.

This is what I wrote:

It has been about two weeks since I received your last e-mail. I am sorry that you feel that is too long for me to respond to you. You are a complete stranger to me and I am sorry, but that means you are very low on my priority list.

I am very uncomfortable with the fact that you tracked me down and found my home address — which as far as I know is unlisted. I am also uncomfortable with the fact that my last name is on one of your blogs. I would appreciate it if you would please remove it.

I have not fully read the letter that you sent me because I was too freaked out when I realized where it came from. I did read the song lyrics and it is clear that you are a talented writer. I just cannot handle the intensity you seem to want in collaboration.

Please do not try to contact me again.


The thing I’m most freaked out about now is…he knows where I live. He also knows where I work and he knows my last name. That’s freaky! What do I do? Can I call the cops and somehow get this all on the record? I mean if my car ends up vandalized again I’m gonna suspect he did it.

According to his return address he lives in Belle Fourche — at least that’s good. That’s even in a nother county, isn’t it? Maybe not. Oh, if it is another county I would have to talk to the cops in that county, wouldn’t I?

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