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Phish … ish!

August 23, 2008

I don’t remember why we were driving around, but I do remember that Sky was playing the DJ. He was doing that thing where he tried to expose me – his sweet, musically clueless friend – to some kind of musical genius. Specifically, Phish.

I tried to be the good friend and I really wanted to like it because if Sky thought these guys were geniuses and I could understand their greatness somehow I might be a little bit closer to genius myself.

Well, I did not get closer to genius that day. I just didn’t get it. Honestly, I kept waiting for it to get interesting. I was hoping for a melody, lyrics — something that I could relate to or even mildly enjoy. I got nothing.

In fact, because of Phish I was anti-funk guitar for a long time, and ultimately I did learn a lesson about music from Sky that day. I learned that I don’t like jam bands. I also learned that I am a lyric girl. I also learned that I think Phish sounds like elevator music.

I had another Phish-y experience last night. I was visiting my sister in Brookings and we went to see a band – a Phish cover band.

“Wait, a cover band of a jam band?” you may be wondering to yourself.

Yes, a jam cover band – or a cover jam band. Either way I felt like I had fallen through some crack in the universe. The band was good and I had fun because I was with my sister and her friend Addie, but I was certainly perplexed.

I was again confronted over and over with the fact that I am incapable of recognizing the greatness of this band. The group did play covers of other bands as well. Bands who I do find great. Bands like CCR. I know I’m not that complex musically.

Besides the CCR, the best part of the night was the fact that it all reminded me of Sky. (I miss you and I love you Sky.)

The worst part was the drunken boy who kept trying to dance with my sister – and ended up dancing with me. To be fair at least he could lead. However, he was rather drunk, only knew how to two-step and kept dancing with me to the CCR songs.

First of all, CCR is great, but it isn’t exactly dance music. I mean would it ever occur to you when you hear “Bad Moon Rising” that it’s time for a two-step? Yeah me either.

The other issue was that these songs are long to start with and the group playing them was a jam band – so they went on forever! I mean I like CCR, but after a five-minute guitar solo, unyielding variations on drums and getting spun 100 times during one song I don’t want to hear “Fortunate Son” again for the REST of my life.

Yeah, jam bands aren’t my friend.

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  1. February 7, 2011 11:17 am

    Hahaha this made me laugh! Thanks! Too funny that both subjects made it to our blogs


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