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Dream On …

August 26, 2008

I have a confession to make – sometimes I read my horoscope. Every now and then when I’m bored and I have a few seconds I’ll check it out. I know that’s silly and superstitious and Christians aren’t supposed to do it. Well today I did it and it was a shocker.

Part of it said: “Dreams can reveal our most secret desires. Pay attention to repeating motifs and symbols for clues to your inner longings. Your mind might be trying to tell you something important if you only knew how to decipher the images.”

Now this isn’t a big deal unless you know the kind of crazy stuff I’ve been dreaming about lately. Yesterday morning I dreamed that I was a contract killer and this morning I was a drag queen. What could these things possibly mean? I’m almost afraid to see what tomorrow brings.

Anyone want to delve deeper and try to decipher the images?

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