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The Tension

September 12, 2008

She’s fervid
And you heard it
Right here

I told you

But you didn’t hear
Let me get down on my knees,
To see if I can make it…

She had the answer,
It was stuck in her throat.
Please, sir, she pleaded,
I just need a few quotes

What did she
Do to
Or for
Little old you

I’m all for self-awareness
But I wonder are you aware of this
She’s a Madonna, a whore
And she knows you want more.

She’s the one who got away
Oh, you thought you got me, hey?
I am the jack of all trades and the knave of hearts.
You see the odd pieces, the miss-matched parts

Nobody worry I’ve got a plan

You know
Of course
It’s every man
For himself

Out here

I’ve made it

So, are you brilliant or insane
You want the sacred or profane
And what did you wear today?
Sensual or sensible?

Ah, now there’s a question
Worth an answer
But you don’t have it and
You don’t have her

A face for me
A heart for you
I like what you say
But what do you do?

I’ve been waxing
And might be flexing

I know
You see

I like to rhyme
And you like me
So let me rhyme
And let it be

Oh, the Beatles,
They just said it all.
Sorry, I really have to
Take this call.

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