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Buckle Scene

November 21, 2008

A couple of years ago I had this really vivid dream and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. In fact, I tought about it so much that it became episodic in my dreams for over a week. I’ve written down several scenes from the dreams and I think I might eventually make a movie out of it. Here’s the first draft of a possible scene from the flick.

(At a cash register at the Buckle. He hands her his credit card to pay for his clothes)

She: I hope you enjoy your new outfits. And, I know this is silly, but I’m a big fan of yours – I love your work. I suppose you hear that a lot.

He: Not as much lately. So, you know who I am?

She: Well, yeah. Your name is on your credit card.

He: No, I mean you know my work. How? I really didn’t think I was famous enough for people in South Dakota to know who I am.

She: (playfully) Well, I’m not your average South Dakotan, I guess. But I’m pretty sure most of my friends would know who you are too.

He: I’m just surprised I guess. That’s all. I mean no one has even tried to talk to me on the street since I got here.

She: Well, I do miss a lot of stuff because most things start on the coasts and – well we’re about as far as you can get from either coast – but it’s not like we live in teepees or anything. I mean we have electricity. We don’t just pump it into the state when Kevin Costner decides to shoot a movie here. I even have cable.

He: (looks a bit dumbfounded because that’s what his agent said) Ha, ha, Keven Costner, yeah.

She: (hands him his receipt to sign) So, did you want to change into one of those outfits?

He: Yeah, is that okay?

She: They’re yours now. (she walks around the corner and hands the bag to him) You paid for them. (she walks him back to the dressing room) I just have to make sure you don’t take anything else in there with you.

He: Hey, thanks for your help.

She: (as she lets him into the room) No problem, that’s why I make the big bucks. So do you want to know something crazy?

He: (through the door as he changes) Always…

She: When you first came in here I thought to myself that guy looks like {insert name here}. But I totally thought, “he wouldn’t walk into my store – even if he was in SD.”

He: That’s so bizarre? Why wouldn’t I come in here. I wear clothes just like any other normal guy.

She: With extraordinary talent. (he comes out of the dressing room and gives her a funny look) Oh, sorry. Should I not have said that?

He: New subject – is there anything to do in this town over the next few days.

She: Sure there is.

He: I mean, what’s this town like?

She: Just like any other town I guess. Most places in America are basically the same – most places I’ve been to anyway. Even L.A. (she gets a little embarrassed) Not that I’ve been to the same parts of L.A. as you have.

He: What do you mean?

She: Well, I just visited La la land – I didn’t live there. So I did touristy things. Not local things. Like I went to Universal studios, but I never went to a grocery store.

He: Are there any local things around here that I should try – I mean, besides the grocery store?

She: Oh definitely. Especially this time of year. Man I wish I could show you a few things. It would be great.

He: Then we should do it.

She: What?

He: Show me around. If it would be great then we should do it. What time do you get off work? I can meet you here and we can go out.

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