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Holiday Havoc…and a soft place to land.

December 29, 2008

Many of you know that the holidays are rather difficult for me. I usually spend too much money, have too much to do and have to go stag to major events because…well I’ve been single for years. In fact, I’ve never even had and honest-to-goodness New Years kiss.

Poor Crystal, right?

Well this year proved to be one of the hardest holiday seasons I’ve had. It turned out great and I had a TON of fun, but I was a bit of a basket case for parts of it. I just felt pulled in so many directions all at once. There were so many things I wanted to do and so many people that I wanted to spend time with. Basically no matter what choice I made I was going to be missing out on something.

To add to this crescendo I had a boyfriend this time. And, I never would have guessed it but having a boyfriend made a lot of it harder. I was torn between spending time with him and his son and spending time with my family and friends – especially since most of the things my friends did were not kid-friendly.

Also, I realized that I have romanticized what it would be like to have a man at holiday time. So my psyche had some built in demands for him that I wasn’t even aware of until I ended up sitting on my living room floor crying to him over the phone about it.

To top it all of I even got sick on Friday and had to miss work. Talk about throwing some extra guilt into the seasonal spice.

Well, as I said, I managed to make it trough and actually had a ton of fun. Plus, even with the sadistic tricks and demands of my unpredictable female psyche, my fella actually might be the number one reason I made it through it all this year without my head exploding. I cried on his shoulder a lot – and I don’t mean that figuratively.

I cried, I blubbered, I probably snotted on him. He just put his arms around me, did everything he could to understand and waited out the storm – and that was just the day I wrapped Christmas presents! That was before all the family and friends even came to town.

Furthermore, even though he wanted as much time alone with his son as he possibly could he conceded to bring his son over for Christmas dinner with my family – then he even went to a party full of strangers with me for a couple of hours. Yup, he’s great and that might have been the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten!

That’s not even all there was to it. He not only changed his plans for me, he even tolerated me changing plan on him several times.

“Wow, how did this blog turn into Crystal bragging about her boyfriend?”

“Leave her alone she’s smitten.”

That’s right, I’m in deep smit, and you are all lucky that I am. Many of you may have suffered harm at my hand if it hadn’t been for my fella providing an emotionally soft place for me to land when I got myself all keyed-up this season.

Thanks for the Merry Christmas everyone. I still can’t decide what my favorite part was. I ended up having so much fun with all of you. It was great to meet the new people that I hope will be in my life for a long time – Aster and Tom for example – and I hope you all have a great New Year.

(Oh, and I’m dying to know, what was your favorite part of the Holiday Season so far?)

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