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Happy New Year

January 10, 2009

“I’m Giving Up My Vices
I’m Going Back – Back To School…
As long as I’ve got tou
I know I’ll be cool…
…it’s gonna be a happy, a happy New Year”

For the past ten days I can’t help but hum this to myself – and so far it has been a happy one. I’ve had a few ups and downs already but the ups have been so high that I can’t even imagine complaining. For example, it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve been starting the New Year plus one. That’s right – for all of you who didn’t already know – it’s official, I’m in love. I haven’t been admitting it out loud or to many people besides my fella, but there really is no denying (or hiding) it anymore.

Last weekend I rearranged my furniture. This week I have taken extra time to exercise, cut out some food, tired out for – and gotten a part in – a play, gone to the eye doctor, the chiropractor and the girlie doctor, and I even lost 2 pounds! This is a good start boys, if I’ve ever seen (or had) one.

As some of you may recall from my blog last year at this time I am not one of those trite folks prone to spouting how resolutions are stupid and useless. I am a big believer in resolving one’s self to something and doing so on a regular basis. I also love the do-over feeling I get during January and today I just had to share. The whole month I feel reminded that I get a second chance at everything – that chance is called today.

So I have a big basket full of resolutions this year – a whole bunch of things that I have decided to do better: money, food, exercise, God, cleaning my apartment… This list goes on. I just wish I could formulate a strict plan for these things. Yeah, I’m a planner, and sadly a lack of plan can cripple my progress.

Anyway, just a little shout-out here at the beginning of the New Year. Keep on keeping on and resolve to be better every day. That’s my resolution for 2009, what’s yours?

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