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The Night Shift

February 24, 2009

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Basically I’ve been busy — emotionally busy. I’m kind of going through a hard time right now.

To start it off someone I love is depressed and I’m helpless. I’m also not too helpful. I know what to do when I get depressed, but I have no idea how to help this person.

The play I was in has been postpned and I think the director is mad at me because I told a reporter at work that it is postponed — but I can’t figure out why it would be a problem for her to know that. It’s news for goodness sake!

Well amid all the tourmoil that those things were causing at least I have been doing good at work. I got the Journal set up on Twitter and Facebook as well as a myriad of video sites in the past few weeks and I’ve even been getting some kudos for it.

Then, last week the other shoe dropped — or whatever the appropriate expression is. I was told (not asked, told) that my job would be changing AGAIN and that I was going to have to work nights. Well, at first I was in shock. I didn’t react emotionally I tried to just take in what my supervisor was handing down from above.

He was kind and even apologetic about the whole thing. I was stunned and confused by the whole thing. I thought about it, held it all in, tried to deal with what this could mean for my life and I kept coming to the same conclusions — all bad.

Working from 1 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday means no more helping out with the youth group. No more singing with the worship team and no more Friday nights at the Selfridge House. It also means that I will rarely see my parents or my boyfriend and that I will rarely get to talk to my sister who lives in another time zone.

Furthermore, I have a hard enough time staying in contact with my friends when I have the evenings open. Sarah and Jackie can definitly attest to that. But with no more Friday and Saturday nights — or even Saturday afternoons — available I can’t imagine when I will see, well, anyone.

So, I’m going in. I talked to my supervisor and I’m going to talk to his boss. This isn’t okay. I can’t give up the good aspects of my life for this job. I also promtly started looking for another job because I can see the big man refusing to budge on this.
I dont’ want to change jobs again. I don’t want to change companies either. And I have to start my night hours this afternoon. I’m virtually in tears.

To top it all off it doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t seem fair. So my intense sencse of personal justice is deeply offended. So, kids, if you’re prayers, please pray. If you have any ideas shoot them my way. If you are mad at me because I haven’t found the time to talk to you in a while I’m sorry.

I’d better go get ready for my night shift.

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