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Job Update…

March 7, 2009

For those of you who were holding your breath for me over the Black Hills Badlands job, you can just exhale. I didn’t get it. In fact I actually know the person who did get it and I think I would have picked her over me too.

So, I’m still looking for a new job and hoping that for some reason I won’t have to work nights at my current job anymore. I’ll let you all know how things unfold to that end.

In the relationship front it is heavy-lifting time and I’m out of shape. This boy/girl stuff is so messy, and that’s what it feels like right now — a mess. Like I knocked all the food off the dinner table and then stepped in it. Now I have to figure out what is salvageable and clean up the rest. But I’m tired and I’m having flash-backs and it’s makeing me feel like I will be cleaning it up all by myself.

Man I’m just tired all around. And I still have laundry to do.

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