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My Big Dumb Mouth

March 25, 2009

Those of you who are close friends of mine are aquainted with my passionate opinions and my big dumb mouth. To top it all off I am prone to hyperbole and I often have to correct my own exaggerations.

The older and wiser I become the better I am at handling my yapper. Usually I know as soon as I say something wrong. Then there’s nothing to do but apologize or explain myself.

Oftentimes the trouble my mouth gets me into is a direct result of me speaking too fast and not thinking very hard before I talk. However, today has been a doosey. I have been thinking about what I say quite a bit before I say it and I’m still making people mad.

It’s like I’m surrounded by a cloud of confusion that is making people think I mean something different than what I am saying. Very very frustrating — and very hard to clear up. Anyway, I should befine for the rest of the day because I don’t have to talk about anything else subjective for the rest of the night.

Hooray for the copy desk!

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