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The Guy

May 12, 2009

So, I thought he was the guy.
But then I’ve been wrong before.

I thought we had a lot,
But I guess he wanted more.

But he couldn’t tell me what.
It seems they never can.

I now I’m all distracted.
Cause I don’t really understand.

Blech! Yeah, so that everyone and their dog doesn’t ask me what happened when they realize I am no longer listed as ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook, here is your explination. Daniel broke up with me on Monday.

If you want details, please ask him — at least for now. I don’t quite know what to say about it, except that he didn’t want me anymore and the worst part is I feel like no wants me right now. I can’t even get a job interview.

Maybe I just need to lower my standards all around. I bet McDonald’s would give me an interview. I guess I just have to find the McDonald’s of single men if I really want a fair shot.

Okay, now I’m exaggerating.

I never know how to play it when this happens. I want to be strong, but not calloused. But I also don’t want to cry about it and give him power when he doesn’t deserve it.

I’m back to dealing and “getting over it” and it’s not fair. What’s more, right now I feel a little lost about this whole man/woman thing.

I suppose I do know a few things. Love Recovery 101: No romantic comendies for a while, that will just make me imagine him swooping in with some big grand guesture and trying to get me back. But even in romantic comedies that only happens when the girl ditches the boy, so I don’t know why I always get myself thinking such things.

I should have just said no to coffee that night. I wonder if Jen and my mom remember me freaking out about it. I knew it wasn’t a date, but I still panicked. I didn’t want to like anouther guy who was just going to decide I was missing something.

Well, I thought we were a good fit.
I thought he might be the guy.

But the alterations caused a rip
and in the end it died.

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