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Pretty Petals

May 13, 2009

So today as I was driving to work I couldn’t help but notice all of the trees starting to bud. I love when the crab apple trees are all pink and pretty. I also have some lilac bushes in my front yard that are on the verge of busting their blooms. It always make sme wish for a moment that I were a flower.

Softly opening up to the sun and beautiful.

It also makes me kind of sad because I know that in a few days the petals will be falling off the crab apple trees. And if it’s this windy tomorrow the petals might be gone all together. I’ll also be lucky if I get a whole week of sweet lilac drifting up from below my windows.

I wish I could just hit pause. I wish spring lasted longer.

Soon the damp cool breeze and soft warm sun will evaporate into summer and I’ll be sweating my bra straps off again. A harsh reminder that I am nothing like a flower, espcially at that spot where my underwire supports the double-Ds.

So sticky!

Anyway, I just had to take a bit to talk about the pretty petals I keep seeing around me today. It has me thinking Spring is my favorite, but then the red and yellow leaves wnd the crisp moon always makes me thing Fall might be my favorite too. Although the fluffy snow this winter made me nostolgic for my childhood and I started liking Winter again too. Maybe seasons are my favorite.

Anyone out there want to wax rhapsodic about their favorite season?

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