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Gray Day

May 25, 2009

So yesterday I tried several times to post a blog, but due to the thunderstorms it wasn’t possible. I don’t remember all of the things I was planning on writing about. I tried three different topics, but I couldn’t get anything to post.

Well, I hope no one missed it too badly. I am still going to try to blog everyday this week, but today I am just tired. I was out late last night debating politics with a boy I have wanted to kiss for 12 years. Very mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Well, I don’t have much for you for today. I feel spent. All out of perspective, humor and tears.

Friday I offered an olive branch that was promptly slapped out of my hand. I made a second effort yesterday and so far it looks like I’m still the bad guy. Which is fine, I don’t know if I can resolve any of the issues anyway.

I cried really hard Saturday night right before I went to bed. Does anyone else get hangovers from crying? I had a doesy yesterday because all of the liquid in my body had violently exploded out of my eyes — oh and gushed out of my nose.

I also have Bob’s funeral today. In fact, I will be heading to that any minute. So, more crying soon I think. Then I have to steele myself up for work this week.

So today the gray sky feels appropriate. How about you all? Anyone have some sunshine on this gray day?

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