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My Stars!

May 26, 2009

So I’m not a big believer in astrology or numerology or any of that stuff. But I do think there are things out there – powers that we can’t see or completely understand. So I am interested in all of the ways people try to understand them – so I read my horoscope.

Sometimes I think it is insightful; sometimes I think it is stupid, but sometimes it really touches on how I’m feeling.

Today it was dead-on…and I’m interested in seeing where my emotions will go in the next few weeks in light of my horoscopal insight. (yeah, I made up a word…so what, you know what the word means.)

So, here is the insight from my stars.

No Sharp Objects Allowed
Mercury Square Mars • May 26, 2009 to Jun 5, 2009
This particular astrological time period should come with a mandatory warning label to be worn by the temporary purveyor of said energy until the effects have passed. What might that label read? ‘For your own safety, avoid irritating me — and if you do, hide the scissors.’

So, although I don’t think I am violent right now, I am certainly volatile. My recent circumstances have me weary and close to the edge. Of course, when I go over an edge I usually cry on, rather than stab, someone. However, I have been wishing I had a heavy bag lately.

Venus Quincunx Uranus • May 26, 2009 to May 28, 2009
You can’t seem to reach them. Maybe you’re not speaking their language, or maybe they’re not listening. Either way, it’s time to send in the clowns.

As many of you know I have no healthy object for my affections at the moment, however my former object is certainly objecting to me at the moment. We do not understand one another at all. But, he is my ex, so I don’t know if it matters whether we understand one another.

Mercury Square Mars • May 26, 2009 to Jun 5, 2009
Find something to do with all that red-hot energy you’ll be carting around. Make sure it’s physical. Really physical. Strenuous, even.

Lots of energy, lots and lots of energy…and red is the word for it. I need to find someone to wrestle! Or make out with. Okay, maybe I just need to go for a run.

Saturn Trine Mc • Apr 30, 2009 to Jun 2, 2009
You’re due for the rewards you know you deserve. So in between meetings, overtime and emergency consultations, save just a little time for a celebratory dinner.

As far as this one is concerned I need to be rewarding myself here because I’m not getting accolades from anyone in my career realm other than my peers. But I’m up for a night out.

So, do any of you indulge in horoscopes? Perhaps numerology or the tarot? I bet one of my readers thinks this stuff is evil. As always, I care what you think.

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