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Rear-Ended on West Main

June 6, 2009

So there is good news and bad.

The good news is that it looks like I don’t have to work tonight. The bad news is I get the night off because I got rear-ended on West Main.

The good news: I get to edit video at mom and dad’s house.
The bad news: I have a headache that is growing, a shoulder that is killing me and a knee that doesn’t want to bend.

Okay, driving is a dangerous thing. Even when you follow all the rules. Even when you signal to turn and go the speed limit.

Man, I’m glad I was wearing a seat belt — or I might have bronken my nose for like the sixth time.

The person I really feel bad for is the little lady that hit me. Well, half bad. I saw her in my rear-view mirror the moment before she hit me. She had her cell phone to her ear and I saw her lips from an expletive.

Cell phones are dangerous kids. Even if you use them correctly — which doesn’t include using them in the car.

Her car was really nice, brand new and shiny. And it is now crumpled because it hit my scratched up, decade-old hoopty. Of course I love Chevys even more now. Cause the bumper did it’s job and all I have is a a few bumps and bruises…oh and the night off from work.

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