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Because I’m Amazing

July 19, 2009

Because I’m amazing…
I will forgive him.

Because I’m amazing…
I will be better off.

I will love deeper and stronger and longer than I can even currently imagine. My soul mate will come to me and we will strengthen one another and create something so incredibly beautiful that I almost cry when I try to explain it to people.

I will accomplish something great with this currently small life. I will grow, expand and conquer my fears, my faults and my dreams.

I have a strong and beautiful heart. You’re lucky if I let you see it — let alone touch it — even for a moment. But to allow you to care for it indefinitely, that is a sacred trust. One you have not yet earned. You cannot even slay your dragons; how can you even consider mine — let alone keep them at bay?

That’s fine. I not only have a strong heart. I have a strong mind, spirit, body and I don’t need another savior. My soul is safe and I am on a journey to fulfill His vison for me. And it is a great vison. He has more for me than I can even imagine — because I’m amazing.

And I’m done with you for now. If our paths should cross again, you may be lucky enough to be allowed near me. But if you aren’t soaked in the blood of your dragons, you will not touch my heart agian.

Fight the good fight, stop lying down helpless in the dragon’s lair. Sharpen your swords, steele up your resolve. Save yourself. You have the potential to be a great warrior.

You aren’t a strong enough man for me…

I will not suffer you any longer…

Because I am amazing.

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