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Senior Citizen’s Blues and my Paradigm Shift

July 20, 2009

So it’s that time of month again — no, I don’t have PMS. It’s time for the Senior Citizen’s News. A product I used to affectionatly call, the Senior Citizen’s Blues. In fact, I used to think my job would be perfect if I didn’t have to do this product.

Well, working nights and doing online work has dramatically shifted my perspective. I am actually at the point that I am begging to have this product back full-time.

I really have always loved the product — the time frame put on it is what made it hard to deal with. But for some reason I am not having the same problems getting it done quicklly that I used to. Maybe it’s because I enjoy it so much more than video and web-loading.

Anyway, the Senoir Citizen’s are blue no more and I am stoked!

In fact, work in general has been a lot better since I have taken over the Patriot again. I’m also working on Northern Hills papers and the Senior Citizen’s News. I still have to shoot some video and work on the copy desk a bit, but I have only had to work one night a week for the last few weeks and it has been amazing — not working that night, but working mostly days.

I’m sleeping better, eating better and my apertment is actually cleaner! Plus, I have a bit of a social life! It’s like night and day!

So, hooray for me, right? Thanks everyone for all your prayers. I still don’t know if this is the place for me, but life feels a lot better right now.

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