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Nothing But Goodbye

July 22, 2009

Sometimes it helps to think of foolish rhymes
But right now nothing seems to help – not this time.

I don’t know what else to say
Let’s just go our separate ways

You’ve made up your mind
And just been so unkind

There’s no reason to protest
When you think you’ve
Won some kind of contest

You decided you were right
And asserted I was wrong

It sounds so trite but must feel so strong

The thing is, I was also right
And you were, oh, so wrong

Now it seems so cheesy
It should be a pop song.

Another lover come and gone
Let’s all sing a long.

And then we’ll sit and sigh
Because there’s nothing left
But an empty goodbye

So, good riddance and good luck
And Happy Birthday you dumb…

Now, stop,
Don’t you get nasty

But he started it…

So, let him finish it.

He did.

So there’s nothing left to say.
Nothing But Goodbye.

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