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August 5, 2009

So, yesterday afternoon I bit the bullet and talked to the person who handles most of the scheduling at work.

“So, I’ve been working mostly days for the past few months and I was wondering, when the new copy editor starts, would I be able to commit to some projects in the evenings?”

She said yes.


Even now as I type about this I want to cry with joy!

So, to celebrate this great news, last night I auditioned for a play. It was really fun — really nerve-racking — and I think I did a pretty good job. Of course, like all plays — even musicals — there are very few female parts and there were a lot of good females who auditioned.

I’m like 99% sure I didn’t get the role I wanted and 80% sure I didn’t get a role at all. They are only casting like six women (out of a 27-person cast). I should have rented the CD before auditions or something. Half of the ladies there had the whole thing memorized.

I was cold-singing everything. Which is actually why I am so proud of how I did. I was amazed that my vocal skills have developed so much over the last few years.

Well, I didn’t get the part I want and if I am asked to be in the chorus I don’t know if I am okay with devoting so much time to the show. I really should get a second job if I’m going to devote my time to anything.

I’m thinking pay off the credit cards and save up for my birthday trip and the class in February. Yeah, that’s a better plan.

Okay God, I don’t even want to make this decision. If I’m not supposed to be in the play then I don’t want to be asked to be in the show. Ouch. That one is going to hurt my ego a bit. Oh well, I’m a big girl. I can handle rejection.

Well, I can sort of handle rejection. I do realize that being rejected isn’t about me as much as it is about the person doing the rejecting. It still sucks though. And, even though I am 99% sure I’m not in the show and I have an alternative plan, I will have to go down to the ARC and see the cast list so that I know for sure. And I will be sad when that final 1% clicks into place.

But onward and upward — and evenings off!

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