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Rapid City Skies

August 20, 2009

So did anyone see the sky above Rapid City this morning? It was amazing. Surreal even. It looked like someone painted the sky with all of these bright white and light yellow clouds. And the clouds made the blue of the sky look so vibrant. I actually had to remind myself to breathe after a second.

Remembering the moment now has me thinking about how often I forget to just look up. But when I do remember to look up it almost always reminds me of how I love Rapid City. But, at the same time something about the skies above Raid City pull at me yanking me upward – I think they make me dream; and my dreams are somewhere else. I don’t know where yet, but I’m afraid it’s not Rapid City.

Today I get to sit next to a window as I work … I can see the clouds slowly floating by even now as I write this. How lucky is that? And seeing them float by me has me thinking…slowing down a bit in fact, to think.

It’s amazing how nature can affect us for reasons we don’t even understand. What is it about stars that make me feel like I’m shining? Or the moon that makes me feel like I have enough gravity to control something – even if it isn’t the tides. Or these clouds – all fluffy and full of rain – that make me feel like I am momentarily floating by my own window.

Remember to look up, everyone.

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