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My Insulation

August 31, 2009

“It’s cold in here,” Dee said.

“It’s 70 degrees in here,” I respond.

“Well, I’m cold.”

“You just don’t have enough body fat,” I retort. “You should really work on developing that.”

Of course I do – have enough body fat, that is. I have ample insulation, in fact – far more than I need to keep me warm.

I have enough to keep me warm and tired. Enough to and lower the volume on everything around me – and inside of me.

I have enough to effectively detach myself. Enough to “separate from conducting bodies … so as to prevent transfer of electricity, heat, or sound.” Or emotions.

It’s amazing how fat really does push people away; keep them at bay and me out of the fray. During the work week I don’t realize it as much. I even welcome it. But on weekends…or evenings alone in my apartment.

Or when I cry as I take a bite of my dinner.

Is it cold in here?

Maybe I have too much body fat.


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