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Opportunity, Success and Money

September 2, 2009

I was at a meeting last night and they asked us some questions about money, and I didn’t have a lot of answers. In fact, I couldn’t get to sleep last night and I can’t stop thinking about it today.

What would you do if you had an extra $500 a month?
This one’s not too far-fetched and actually it is the reason I have been trying to find a second job since July. If I have an extra $500 a month the first thing I would do is pay off my credit cards. I’m not deeply in credit card debt, but the credit cards I do have – 3 of them – are almost maxed out right now.

Once my credit cards were paid off I would probably re-assess. One goal at a time, you know? If I were still interested in being a relationship coach I would certainly look into that. But it would still be hard for me to pay for the class. $5000 is a lot of money for me.

Then there’s saving up for graduate school. Again, $500 a month wouldn’t make a huge dent, but hey. Honestly, paying off those stinking credit cards would make graduate school more of a possibility.

Okay…beyond that, I guess I would maybe buy myself some pretty things and bulk up my saving – of which I actually have none. Hey, maybe I could even get a membership at a gym.

Basically I guess I would live more comfortably.

So, what would you do if you had an extra $3000 a month?
Uh, what? Um, well that’s already more than I make. So, it’s kind of an unfathomable number. I would definitely pay off my credit cards – in like 2 months. Then pay off my student loans – in a year!

And after that? Well, I could definitely take my life-coaching class. And graduate school. Heck, I could save up for 9 months and pay for a whole year of graduate school – all at once!

But after that? Geez, I haven’t let myself dream that big.

I guess I would join a gym for sure – and pay for a trainer. Be skinny and gorgeous and meet the man of my dreams – right?

Only for that I would probably need more time and more money.

Then they asked their last question:

What would you do if you had an extra $150,000 a year?
Hire a tax attorney – right?

I guess my list is pretty much the same, credit cards, student loans, life-coaching class and graduate school. I could pay for my entire graduate schooling at once! Wow, then we are talking doctorate, for sure!

Maybe I could take a year off and get a book published. Okay, I’m about to hyperventilate here.

I would definitely find a way to work less. I don’t need $150,000 a year. $50,000 would be more than enough for me here in Rapid City. If I could work like 2 days a week and make $50,000 instead of working a five-day week and making $150,000, well, who wouldn’t go for that?

How about you guys? What would you do if you had an extra $500, a month? How about and extra $3000 a month?

Okay, what would you do if you made $150,000 above your current salary? What about $500,000? Or $750,000?

Yeah, my head almost exploded at $150,000 – I couldn’t even try to think about anything more. But maybe that’s why I don’t make more – because I don’t think it’s possible. I usually don’t let myself dream too big because I don’t want to be disappointed.

But what if I decide my dream is to be a millionaire by the age of 35? What if I only make it half-way there? That would be really disappointing right?

No. Not compared to my current salary.

Anyway, think about it. What would you do with the extra income?

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