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September 4, 2009

Ever just have a blah day? Of course you have. I had one today actually. So, I have nothing worthwhile to blog about. But I really am trying to write something everyday — whether it makes it onto the blog or not.

Today I got some bad news and it overshadowed the whole day. Plus, I was a bit lethargic to start with.

Now it wasn’t end-of-the world bad news but it’s sad and it is probably going to get worse. And I can’t fix it or stop it or help in any way. That has me angry and sad and cranky and…Blah.

I also want to talk to Daniel about it.

Don’t worry, I resisted to urge to call or e-mail him. But I do want to know what he thinks or how he would respond to the news. I usually liked his perspective — even if I disagreed with it.

Enough, I just need to go rent a movie and clean my apartment — or go to the movies alone to prove that I can take it.

You know, being alone is fine for me. It doesn’t even make me lonely. But missing people, that really makes me lonely. Or maybe being lonely makes me miss people. Either way I’ve been missing some people this week.

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