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Time is Money, Right?

September 9, 2009

A few months ago I started the “Calling in the One” program. Yu knew that right? Well I also did a little research and found out there is a Calling the One Coaching program. So I asked for more information. Two days later Katherine Woodward Thomas — the author of the book herself –- called me.

We talked several times. I found out more about the programs and decided I wanted to get involved. One problem – the coaching program cost $5000. I had no idea how I would pay for that. I talked to Katherine more and I decided I had to get a part-time job.

I figured that would be easy. I was wrong. If you can’t work on Sunday you can’t work in retail or food service.

But the harder I looker for a part-timer the more I dreamed about this opportunity and realized I have to pay off my credit cards if I want to accomplish any of my dreams. If I want to write a book or go back to college or be a Calling in the One coach.

So I started trying to think of anything I could do to make some money – hence the jewelry party this Saturday – and it all boils down to not having enough time to make enough money to get out of debt any time soon.

But now I’m dreaming about it. Crap. Now I want to go to graduate school – but I don’t want to wait 10 years. I want to the freedom that being out of debt provides. I want to be able to save enough money to be able to move if I get a job in another town.

But I can’t even get a part-time job.

Then I ran into my friend Kendra and she introduced me to an amazing opportunity. We’re talking about starting a business of my very own. Something that could help me not only get out of debt but maybe even get out of the rat-race.

So we’ve been meeting about it and the possibilities continue to blow my mind. So I went to a business meeting again last night and we talked about online franchising. It all sounds great and it sounds like something I can do, but I still have it in my head that I don’t know if I have the time to devote to it and actually succeed.

But this is something that I’m supposed to be able to make money on whether I’m working or not – how’s that for a crazy idea. Oh man, my head hurts. Especially because I am getting ready for a day at my current job and I don’t have enough hours to actually accomplish everything I am supposed to do.

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