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A Valuable Woman

September 14, 2009

For the most part I am okay with the fact that men and women aren’t exactly equal. I mean we should be treated with an equal amount of respect and dignity and be given the same basic freedoms and rights. But Men can’t have babies and women can’t play professional football. I get it.

And, of course it follows rather logically that if men and women are fundamentally different then men will be valued for different things than women are – especially as far as relationships and the opposite sex are concerned. I can kind of accept that too.

Men are considered valuable if they are steady and hard-working and strong. Women are considered valuable if they are nurturing and beautiful and – well in this culture naked.

A few days ago, as I was walking out my front door on my way to work, it occurred to me that maybe part of the reason I have been so unlucky in love is because I don’t possess the things that make a woman valuable – but some how I have managed to acquire the attributes that make men valuable.

My sister and I have sort of danced around this idea for quite some time – the fact that we seem to be more like our father than our mother. And that all the guys around us seem to be big babies. But maybe the problem is that the men around us are effeminate.

They are men with the attributes that make women valuable, who are attracted to us because we have the attributes that make men more valuable. Well, maybe not – maybe I’m reaching too far here. But it does make me wonder, what do you find attractive about the opposite sex?

Okay, let’s do some unofficial research. Come on fellas you first.

What attributes does your ideal woman possess? Don’t worry about being PC. If you want a lady who can cook and who is some sort of domestic goddess out with it already! If you really want her dumb and naked like a model let’s hear it.

(Ladies, I will want you think about this too, but we’ll do the unofficial research about men tomorrow.)

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