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A Valuable Man

September 15, 2009

So, if I’m going to ask everyone what they want in the opposite sex – what they think makes a man or woman valuable in a relationship – then, I should probably tell you all what I think raises a man’s value as a potential partner.

Now, I feel like I have to qualify this a bit before I begin. This is not an exhaustive list of all the things a person has to be or have in order to be a good partner. It isn’t even all specifically about what I want in a man, but rather what I think makes a man a valuable romantic partner.

I suppose some of this stuff applies to both sexes but I’ll try to be as gender-specific as possible.

A Valuable Man:

Can take care of himself (the majority of the time) and he can take care of me sometimes. This means he can take care of himself all around. I’m not just talking about money here financially, physically, domestically, mentally, emotionally …

He gets added value if he will let me take care of him every now and then. Not need me to take care of him, let me take care of him.

Isn’t trying to do it all alone. He knows he needs other people and that they need him. As a result, he gives others respect and attention as a rule, not just when he danes to leave his own little world.

Knows himself and he knows what he wants. He knows his limitations and is working to grow beyond them. He also choses life rather than thinking that his life is just what happens to him. He has dreams and he pursues them.

He actually works on his relationships, he doesn’t just hope they will work out and assume the relationship was ultimately doomed because it didn’t work out.

He takes responsibility for his actions – all of his actions.
He is strong. Again, in many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally…

Knows, confronts and overcomes his fears. He doesn’t run, he doesn’t hide and he doesn’t cower. He doesn’t always overcome things perfectly or on the first try, but he doesn’t just lay down and take it.

Is on a spiritual path that he is aware of, can share with his partner and can and lead his partner down. We are all on a spiritual path, whether we are aware of it or not. A valuable man has chosen a path, not just stumbled across it. He is learning about and clutivating the path, and he wants to take his partner down that path.

Has control of his anger. He doesn’t explode or behave in a snide manner just because of anger. He is able to step back from his emotions and refrain from hurting anyone – physically, emotionally, etc.

Okay, I could go on for a while I think, but I really want to know what you all think. Let’s do some unofficial research, ladies.

What attributes does your ideal man possess? Don’t worry about being PC. If you want a six pack and a six-figure income let’s have it. If you want him to always think you’re right admit it already. Tell me, what attributes do you think make a man valuable?

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