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Ah, the fall…

October 20, 2009

So I don’t know exactly what caused it, but I am starting to realize that I have been ignoring my body for a long time. Probably because I didn’t like it. I’ve been treating my body a bit how one might react to an annoying sibling or co-worker.

You just start to tune him out after a while.

Well, after some painful weight issues and a bit of depression (and dealing with being in love with someone who suffered from severe depression), oh and realizing a few years ago that my weight was attached to my emotions – I decided to start paying attention to my body.

And, aside from the effects I mentioned yesterday about being more aware of my body, I am also finding that the more in tune I become with my body the more nature affects me.

I have to sigh when I hear the wind and I feel like I’m rushing by when I see water flowing. I also love the fall, and this year it has been more amazing than ever.

I love it for a lot of reasons. The colors, the cooler weather, the way the air starts to smell like maple syrup. Mostly I just love the change.

It’s been windy the last few days and I love the way the leaves skip across the cement every time the wind blows. The staccato dance makes me feel like I’m bouncing.

Scratching, tapping, clicking on by.

As I moved my car this afternoon my heels clicked along the cement with the leaves and I felt the wind around my knees at the bottom of my skirt. I had to run across the street because the light was going to change and I felt like a leaf caught in the wind.

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