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The boy in Texas

October 31, 2009


That’s what Jamie said when she saw that I changed my relationship status Thursday morning. I also got quite a few messages, like “Really?” “WTF,” and “hmmmm….with who?” (That one was from my pastor, by the way.)

Yeah, I know it’s a big surprise. You’re surprised, I’m surprised. Maybe Blake is surprised. Really, I’ve sort of been keeping it a secret that he and I were even talking. I don’t know why.

No, I do know why. Because he lives far away. And because I didn’t think it would develop like this. And because the whole thing with Daniel has made me…well, gunshy. And really, because he is so amazing that I can’t even believe this is happening.

But, for all of you who are scratching your heads over this I guess this is my explanation.

I met Blake almost a decade ago in Bartlesville. He is the younger brother of my friend Brooke (who is a great woman I had the privilege of being friends with back in my B-ville days). In fact, I have been missing her a lot in the past six months.

But, I digress. Blake and I first met when he came to visit Brooke at Bartlesville. We had fun while he was around and then he left.

About a month ago, he found me on Facebook and we started talking. Or, I should say we started IMing. Then we started texting. Then we started talking. I’m not sure when we started flirting, but it became very obvious, very fast that something extraordinary was happening.

“He lives in Texas? For Crissakes, Crystal,” That was my dad’s response.

“Don’t hold back dad, tell me what you really think.”

Of course that was all he said. So that was all I said.

Yeah, he lives in Texas. And I live in SD. And I cried to my sister about it on Wednesday night. That’s when I realized that I liked him so much that even if I met someone great here in Rapid City, and started dating them, I would feel like I was losing something.

Another boy flirted with me and all I could think was, “I wish Blake were here.”

Something interesting happens in my day, and I think, “I wonder what Blake would say about that.”

I’m not new at his game. I’ve dated a lot and, well I don’t think Blake knows it, but in a lot of ways he has been my first.

Obviously, he’s my first long-distance relationship. But he’s also been the first guy I’ve met that I can really imaging being a father. He’s been the first guy I haven’t thought I might scare off with my persistence, my strength, my intelligence. He’s the first guy I have had a phone conversation with who has done most of the talking.

He was also the first guy to ever ask me about my family. And I didn’t realize that no one had cared enough about getting to know me to ask about my family before. And my family has so much to do with who I am. And Blake wanted to know those things about who I am.

I don’t have to entertain him, and he still laughs.

He constantly says things that make me want to stick my tongue in his mouth.

He knew what movie I was quoting when I said, “yes have some.”

He’s open, willing to talk about anything and seems proud to be my boyfriend (Also firsts by the way.) He is smart and fun and funny and soulful, gentle, caring, sexy and he freaking likes me!

So, those are some of the reasons I decided to do something that may seem crazy to some of you — date a man who lives in Texas.

I’m not saying he is the love of my life, but what if he is — or could be — and I pass over him because he lives far away.

So, on Wednesday night, he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and I said yes. I said yes because I think it would hurt to always wonder if this amazing man and I could have had something great. The brave choice is to find out how great it can be. And I have decided I want be a brave person.

Now I just have find some way to visit Texas on a regular basis. Anybody want to donate to the cause?

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