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Happy New Year…

December 5, 2009

Okay, as some of you already know I was planning on going down to Austin to see Blake for New Years. And, well, obviously the break up messed up those plans. So, now I have a non-refundable ticket to Austin. If I pay $200 plus any additional airfare I can transfer the ticket somewhere else, but…of course I don’t have any more money to do that.

So I have very few choices. Either I cancel the ticket (paying the $200 fee) and save the remaining $200 credit for some time later in the year. Or, I can just go to Austin and try not to contact Blake and somehow have a good time. Maybe walk around the campus and try to figure out if I would want to go to UT. Of course the school will be closed, so I will have to visit the place again at some point to get a real feel for it.

The other, most appealing, option is to run away from home. Somehow scrape together a few hundred dollars, change the ticket and go to the loved ones who are as far away from Rapid City as possible: Sky Seals in New York City.

A few of you have already said you would like to help and Dee actually dared me to ask for more help. So, Dee, baby, I accept your challenge!

I’m broken-hearted guys, and I have no money to do this. I don’t even have a credit card to put it on. But I want it pretty badly. I feel like I need something special to look forward to that is just as good as — if not better than — my original plan (that has burned dramatically into ash).

So, I’m begging. Some of you have asked if there is anything you can do and all I could say was pray (or sob at you). But, now I’ve thought of something you can do. Do you guys think we can scrape together $400 additional dollars for me to take this trip? Maybe it could be for all the birthdays and Christmases and graduations that you didn’t know what to get me so you didn’t get me anything.

Can you spare $5, $10, $20 bucks for me? A latte costs $5…maybe skip one or two and help me out? I know it isn’t the most noble cause, but can you assuage my heartbreak?

I can keep track of all of your donations and if I don’t get enough for the trip by the end of the week I can send them all back. What do you think guys? Can we give my broken heart something to look forward to?

If you want to donate to “Crystal’s New Start this New Year” e-mail me and tell me how much you would like to donate and I can send you my mailing address. We have to do this fast because the longer we wait the more expensive the ticket will be.

Please seriously consider helping me make a very special fresh start at the beginning of this new decade.

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