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My “Wow” Factor

December 14, 2009

Okay, today I have to start with a confession. I have a dirty little secret. I watch reality TV. Not all reality TV, mind you. I’m not sick. I’m just mildly voyeuristic. I hate crap like the Biggest Loser, and Extreme Home Makeover. On Sunday nights, however, I have developed a reality ritual. I make dinner around ..6:45.. and at ..7 p.m… I watch Tough Love and then at 8 I watch Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew.

I’m still annoyed by all of the scenes before the commercials, “Next on Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew…” and then they cut to a tense, out of context vignette. But I’m fascinated by the topics. And I really LOVE Tough Love. Part of the reason I like it is because I might learn something. Part of the reason is because watching these girls (who have no common sense) really does make me feel better about my own love life.

Last night on Tough Love they were talking about the “wow” factor. And, of course I can’t help but wonder if I have a “wow” factor. I wonder if the five guys I hung out with on Friday night thought, “Wow, she’s cool.” Or if when people get to know me they think, “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone like this before.”

I like who I am so I’m not going to change it in an effort to up my personal wow factor. But I do wonder. What makes you think think, “wow” about someone? What is it about you that you would like another person to be wowed by?

I think I’m pretty smart and pretty funny…and definitely interesting. Maybe that’s enough wow factor for me. I mean, I have my dull moments like anyone – and I have definitely been dull lately. (Depression kind of takes the wow out of me.) So, I guess overall I’m happy about the level of wow I seem to solicit, but wouldn’t it be nice to know – just once – when you really wowed ‘em?

I was trying treally hard to think of a great example of a time that another person wowed me…you know, a guy…but I can’t think of anything that is easy to explain. Maybe that’s why they call it something so indistinct: the “wow” factor – because it’s hard to explain.

Well, peace and love babes. And I hope you all manage to find someone who wows you!

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