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Christmas Present/New Years Resolution

January 10, 2010

So Christmas wasn’t the same as it normally is this year. Instead of a ton of presents my parents gave my sister and I some monetary help. I’ve been sitting on the moo-lah because I had to make sure that I could pay off the plane ticket I didn’t use and I had to find a way to cover application fees and my GRE registration.

So, I’ve been being frugal, so I actually had some Christmas money left over to buy myself a present (strangely enough it is actually a present that my mom almost bought for me for Christmas — she’s so smart.)

Are you dying to know what I got for Christmas yet?

I got a new computer today!

Now, don’t let your brain go wild. I didn’t get a whole new fancy set up. It is just a tiny laptop — smaller than notebook — but I am stoked! (Although, I’m typing on it right now and I’m having a bit of trouble typing on the tiny keyboard. I‘m going to need to adjust to this.)

So, I own a computer already. It is a lovely Mac. It’s pretty buff, but it’s also pretty outdated at this point. It also has a lack of RAM and an OLD processor. I have a ton of kick-ass software on it, but the computer is not kick-ass enough to run very quickly or efficiently while I’m using the expensive software. I really need another desktop system that can handle running the Macromedia suite, Quark and the Adobe suite.

Of course a computer that cool will cost as much my car is worth. Mommy and daddy didn’t give me much money — and I’m not selling my car.

The reason I got this tiny little portable computer is because I have sort of resolved to write more this year — and I want to finish some significant work. I recently went through some of my old journals and writing materials and realized I have a ton of stuff in notebooks that I need to type up if I’m ever going to make any progress on them. (This little computer also has webcam and when I was dating Blake I had my eye on it for because I wanted to have some web chat-dates.)

Why can’t I just type stuff up on my existing computer…or at mom and dad’s…or at work?

Well, I don’t want to stay late at work to type stuff up. And I’d really rather interact with my parent’s when I’m at their house with them. And, when I’m at home I have a hard time concentrating — partially because I kind of use the TV for company after the sun goes down and it kind of hypnotizes me. Which is part of the reason I developed the habit of crocheting or making jewelry while watching TV — so that I don’t waste time while the TV is on.

I mean, in the past, I have turned on the TV with the intent of finding something to have on in the back ground while I work on other things (you know some TV to keep me company) and a couple of hours later I realize that I am still clicking through my channels trying to find something good to watch.

Because of this I have also developed the habit of going out to a restaurant or a coffee shop to read or write. I can’t take my desktop computer with me so I can’t type things up. I take my notebooks instead — they fit in my book bag after all. Well, now I have a computer that is smaller than a notebook!. I’m stoked. This little contraption represents the removal of quite a few excuses and obstacles in my writing life.

Which of course means a lot more possibilities. We are talking about a great tool to possibly help me. I’ve got the wood for my deck. Time to nail it all together.

So, If you see me out and about you will probably see me with my new toy. It is a tiny little laptop computer that I will basically be using just for word processing (and the Internet when I can get to free wifi).

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