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Moving Day

January 11, 2010
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So, I haven’t written much of anything new for my blog in over a week. This is because I am contemplating — and kind of working on — a big move.

I have a new blog home on Blogspot. The thing is, until today I hadn’t quite moved in yet. I have been copying and pasting all of my blogs from the last 4 years into this new blog.

But, now I’m wondering if some items need to be unpacked at all. In fact, I’m thinking that maybe I should create a more intense focus for this new blog and just leave the old blog behind.

As much as I love some of the conversations we’ve all had as a result of the blogs I’ve posted for the last few years, the truth is that for the most part it wasn’t that well written. To be fair there were some brilliant moments over the years, but most of the best posts have been in the last year or so.

I’m thinking of typing up some of my old diary entries (and sanitizing them a bit) and putting together a blog that focuses on my love life — or lack thereof. A little “Sex in Crystal’s City” sort of thing. Maybe I’ll even give the boys neat nick-names like “Mr. Big” and “The Politician.”

The other topics that you all seemed to enjoy are my bits about my weight struggles and how I feel about being a chubby woman in America today — even Midwestern America. (I can only imagine what it might be like to be a chubby girl in a city like New York or Los Angeles where models and movies stars mingle around with we mere mortals.)

Right now the old blog at the new location is titled “Everybody Wants Some.” Because the common thread in most of my postings since 2006 is that I have been writing about things that people aspire to achieve; weight loss, a special relationship, success, happiness and self-fulfillment.

Maybe I should just continue in this vein. Maybe I should just start over — like my pal Janet did — and enjoy the fresh, clean start. I really should start writing something and posting it every day — even if it has to be something short. You know, just to maintain some continuity and to stay strong by “lifting the pen” every day.

So, some changes are coming. I’m not sure of what all of them will be, but, most of them won’t affect any of my lovely loyal readers. You will still be able to get to my blog(s) in the same ways: my Facebook notes, MySpace blog, any RSS subscription you may have chosen, etc. But I will also be on BlogSpot ( and I may even go so far as to set up a WordPress account as well.

The best news is probably that for all of you who have told me that my blog is the only reason you are still on MySpace, well…now you can get off of MySpace. If anyone wants help subscribing to the new blog let me know and I can help you out.

Of course I am interested — as always — in the ideas and opinions of all my lovely and loyal readers. Heck, tell me what you want me to write about if you want!

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