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Blah-dy Blah

February 13, 2010

I’m bored…and tired…and my brain isn’t working so well. Lately, I have a hard time doing anything that I don’t have to do. Heck I’m even having a hard time doing the things I should do — like laundry…and dishes.

I wonder what it is. Just a few short weeks ago I was really driven and excited and fricking effervescent. Now I’m…blah.

Just a lump. I’m not really working on anything outside of work. Jewelry designs, crocheting, graduate school endeavors, writing, even hanging out with friends and writing for this blog are kind of on hold. I’m dispassionate about male/female relationships, suddenly have not ambition or even vision for the future and I’m kind of sad.

Is it the weather? Am I just being lazy? Do I just need more sleep? Maybe I have a cold? Maybe I need to be inspired. Maybe I need to inspire myself.

Well, I think I’ll go take a nap right now and think about it all again tomorrow. But in the meantime I have a question for all of you…

What inspires you? What do you do when you need to ramp things up and get yourself going? I’m not asking for advice…cause I’ll figure it out for myself eventually, but I’m interested in your experiences and how you handle this sort of thing in your own life.

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